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Damn Straight Postcard
Book Group Guide
for Damn Straight
Lillian Byrd Crime Story #2

These questions don't have right or wrong answers—they're just things to think over and have fun with in your group discussion.

  1. Truby thinks she might be a lesbian because her relationships with men haven't worked out well. How does a person know if they're gay?

  2. Lillian feels that a new romance for her would have to involve someone who was "doing something exceptional with her life". Is Lillian doing something exceptional with her own life?

  3. Lillian enters a world of glamour and celebrity in this book. How does that affect her?

  4. Lillian visits Genie's home town, Pearl Center. What's your take on small town life? Cozy? Depressing?

  5. Genie had a very unhappy youth. How much is a person defined by her past?

  6. Todd sees a lot of action in Damn Straight. What do you think of Todd as a character?

  7. Four people are obsessed with Genie: Lillian, Coach Handy, Dom, and Coco. What is it about Genie?

  8. Compare Lillian rushing to aid her friend Truby and Coach Handy rushing to help Genie. How far should you go to help a friend?

  9. Should Genie be forgiven for the crime she committed as a teen?

  10. Does Lillian seem capable of sustaining a long-term relationship?

  11. Have you ever been to "The Dinah"? Does this book make you want to go?

  12. Readers often wonder about what might happen to the characters after the end of a book. Do you think that Coco and Lillian could get together? What sort of guy should Truby try to find?

Questions developed by The Logical Woman for ElizabethSims.com.

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