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Easy Street Postcard
Book Group Guide
for Easy Street
Lillian Byrd Crime Story #4

These questions don't have right or wrong answers—they're just things to think over and have fun with in your group discussion.

  1. Is Lillian a winner or a loser?

  2. Lillian tries to figure out Porrocks' sexual preference as well as Audrey's. Do you believe in "gaydar"?

  3. Have you ever known a street person? Are Drooly Rick and the other street people portrayed realistically?

  4. Lillian's attempted good deed goes terribly wrong. Was she wrong to try to help Rick?

  5. Once again Lillian is frustrated with the police investigation and launches her own. Would you call that determination or impulsivity?

  6. Lillian travels many miles to track down Audrey. Does she have a clear idea of her motivation? Why do you think she does it?

  7. Lillian's conscience bothers her when she tricks Amanda to get information. Do you think her subterfuge is justified?

  8. Lou asks Lillian to put in a good word for her with Porrocks. Have you ever been asked to intervene in a relationship?

  9. This book contains Lillian's most disasterous love affair yet! Do you think she'll ever fall in love again?

  10. As the book ends, Amanda hasn't yet been informed about what has happened to her sister. How do you think she would handle that news?

  11. Lillian is in desperate shape financially. What should she do?

  12. Do you think you would you enjoy reading a Calico Jones novel?

Questions developed by The Logical Woman for ElizabethSims.com.

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