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Holy Hell Postcard
Book Group Guide
for Holy Hell
Lillian Byrd Crime Story #1

These questions don't have right or wrong answers—they're just things to think over and have fun with in your group discussion.

  1. When Lillian resorts to "mild violence," does she help or harm herself?

  2. At first Lillian hesitates to "out" herself to the police. Do you think she has a right to her privacy in this matter?

  3. Why would you say Lillian tries to solve Jean's (Iris's) murder on her own?

  4. Is Lillian acting unethically when she keeps seeing Judy? When she lies to the police?

  5. Mrs Creighter handles Bonnie's sexuality in a horrifying way. What do you think causes parents to react in various ways when they find out a son or daughter is a homosexual?

  6. Who is the better detective, Minerva or Lillian?

  7. Lillian goes to bed with Minerva after spending only one day with her. Is that love or lust? Does it matter?

  8. Does Lillian know herself well? Does she learn anything in "Holy Hell"?

  9. Lillian is certainly not a glamourous and confident heroine. How would you describe her appeal?

  10. It looks like Lillian may need to find a new job. If you were an employment counselor, what line of work would you suggest?

  11. Did you find this book humorous? What was the funniest moment?

  12. Did you find this book scary? What was the scariest scene?

Questions developed by The Logical Woman for ElizabethSims.com.

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Comments from Book Groups discussing Holy Hell

The Adam Bede Book Club of Pittsford, New York
Holy Hell scores big for suspense and characterization
Be sure you have some time because you won't want to put this original murder mystery down.
Elizabeth Sims maintains suspense well with surprises for even the veteran mystery reader. Will Minerva survive for another book? Is Lou just a big puppy dog or a vicious stalker? What crime will Lillian Byrd solve next?

Couples Twin Cities Book Club, Minneapolis / St. Paul
We met at Davanniís [pizzaria] in Golden Valley and had 17 attendees, which was a great turnout!
It was a great book to discuss, and we all sure had a lot to say!
For me, the highlight of the meeting was being able to bring an email that we received from the author, Elizabeth Sims. She informed us of the main character Lillianís favorite pizza toppings, and sent each of us personalized, autographed bookplates to put in our books!

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