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Lucky Stiff Postcard
Book Group Guide
for Lucky Stiff
Lillian Byrd Crime Story #3

These questions don't have right or wrong answers—they're just things to think over and have fun with in your group discussion.

  1. Like her creator, Elizabeth Sims, Lillian was raised by tavern keepers and developed a "colorful" vocabulary. Did you find the language in Lucky Stiff funny? Offensive? Both?

  2. Lillian and Duane understood each other in childhood. They each figured out they were gay at a young age. How old would a person have to be to know they were gay?

  3. Trix played a special role in Lillian's childhood. Did adults other than your parents take an interest in you and influence your life?

  4. Are there things you wish you could find out about your parents or other ancestors?

  5. In what ways do you think Blind Lonnie is an inspiration to Lillian?

  6. At a dangerous moment, Lillian chooses her own safety over Todd's. Was that the right decision?

  7. Duane seems like a wimp at times, but in the end he isn't. How would you describe his courage?

  8. Lillian and Minerva resume their love affair in this book. Do they seem well suited? Do opposites attract?

  9. Trix finally made her dream of being in Las Vegas come true. What's your opinion of Vegas?

  10. Lillian struggles with a desire for revenge. Do you think she's capable of serious violence?

  11. Lillian doesn't want Minerva to write about her life. Doesn't Lillian owe Minerva that much?

  12. As the book ends Lillian is able to improvise on her mandolin. How do you think her new ability will affect what she does next?

Questions developed by The Logical Woman for ElizabethSims.com.

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