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Elizabeth Sims is the author of four novels comprising the Lillian Byrd Crime Story series: Holy Hell (#1), the Lambda Award-winning Damn Straight (#2), Lucky Stiff (#3) and Easy Street (#4), all from Alyson Books of New York. Three of her short stories appear in the collections A Woman's Touch, Best Lesbian Love Stories 2004 and Romance For LIFE. Other of her stories and poems have been published in literary magazines, and she has written for Writer's Digest and LOGOS: Journal of the World Book Community (UK). She's served on the editorial board of a literary magazine and has worked as a reporter, bookseller, corporate trainer, executive, and writing coach. Her degrees are from Michigan State University and Wayne State University, where she won the Tompkins Award for fiction. Elizabeth lives in Port Angeles, Washington, USA.

Praise for Easy Street
the latest Lillian Byrd Crime Story

"Lillian has returned in all her dry, witty splendor" —The L Life

"Lillian is a true original." —Kirkus Reviews

"They just get better and better!"
Easy Street
A Lillian Byrd Crime Story
By Elizabeth Sims

November, 2005 by Alyson Books

Could things get worse for Lillian? Could this be the best one yet?

Her old Caprice is convulsing through the last of its death throes, her pet rabbit and constant companion Todd ails, and as usual Lillian Byrd is flat broke. For a few extra bucks she agrees to help an old friend renovate her house, but as you know, nothing ever goes smoothly in the life of Lillian Byrd. By the end of the first day on the job there's a partially demolished wall, a mysterious stash of cash, and a dead body. And Lillian's attentions have been diverted by the appearance of a drop-dead gorgeous neighbor.

Lucky Stiff, the streak continues!

"A flawless narrative... A nifty little puzzle solved by a most intriguing female detective." —Library Journal

"Yes, Minerva is back!"
Lucky Stiff
A Lillian Byrd Crime Story
By Elizabeth Sims

Published 2004 by Alyson Books

There Is What You Believe...and Then There Is the Truth

Once again Lillian Byrd is down on her luck, strumming her mandolin for spare quarters alongside Blind Lonnie, Detroit's resident blues guitarist. But a chance encounter with her childhood friend Duane is about to completely turn her life on its heels. One summer night when Lillian was 12, flames ripped through the Polka Dot, a bar owned and run by her parents. Three bodies were found in the ashes: those of her mother, her father, and the barmaid, Trix Hawley. Or so Lillian has always thought. But when Lillian and Duane put their stories together, the past erupts into a wild enigma. As the two friends travel—accompanied by the tenacious crime writer Minerva LeBlanc—to the underbelly of Las Vegas to find the truth about their parents, Lillian must face the demons of the past in ways she never dreamed possible. With Lucky Stiff, the author of the best-selling Lillian Byrd Crime Stories has crafted yet another white-knuckle thriller.

Elizabeth's Acceptance Speech Damn Straight won a Lambda Literary Award!

Click here to read Elizabeth's acceptance speech.

"A sassy, smart, ultimately thoughtful thriller." —Booklist

"Strong and filled with humor... by far the best detective of the bunch." —Just Out

"Even better than Holy Hell!"
Damn Straight
A Lillian Byrd Crime Story
By Elizabeth Sims

Published 2003 by Alyson Books

The Dinah Shore Weekend turns deadly
...and Lillian Byrd is in the middle of it

After her narrow brush with death in Holy Hell, you'd think Lillian Byrd would have learned to keep her head down, but when a friend in crisis calls from California, Lillian jumps on a plane and wings her way from Detroit to Palm Springs—and danger. It's the long weekend of the Dinah Shore golf tournament, the wildest women's sporting event in the world, when thousands of lesbians descend on the desert community of Rancho Mirage and take over. At a pre-championship party, Lillian leaps into a slippery romance with a top LPGA star. But her superstar athlete has a secret: Someone is quietly terrorizing her. Lillian, eager to help, goes undercover as a high-profile reporter, an unhinged nun, and a professional caddie while uncovering layer after disturbing layer of the golfer’s past. Finally, with violence erupting at every turn, Lillian uncovers her lover's ultimate horrifying secret—and it is not at all what she had guessed. With this new book, Elizabeth Sims presents another nail-biting thriller featuring her oh-so-human amateur detective. Damn Straight sizzles and zings and will have you laughing through your shivers.

Praise for Holy Hell
the first Lillian Byrd Crime Story

"Brilliant, sharp, clever, and compelling." —Rainbow Network

"In the style of hard-boiled crime detectives of the past comes a new sleuth that one can't help find likable. She's a maverick: impulsive, resourceful, naive, witty, stubborn, and courageous.... Holy Hell will leave readers craving the next Lillian Byrd escapade." —Just Out

"Lillian Byrd is wry, acerbic, intelligent, common-sensical, and just foolhardy enough to keep the plot moving without making readers want to kill her before the baddies do.... Read it. You'll love it. You'll want more." —Liberty Press

"A very nearly perfect novel!"
Holy Hell
A Lillian Byrd Crime Story
By Elizabeth Sims

Published 2002 by Alyson Books

"A wickedly funny novel of suspense."

Lillian Byrd is a small-time reporter with a flair for making big-time mistakes—like getting fired for fending off the boss's son with an X-Acto knife and breaking up with her girlfriend for no good reason—so her investigation into the disappearances of women around the Detroit area might not be the best idea. But when one of the missing women turns up dead and Lillian recognizes the curiously mutilated corpse, she's in too deep to get out. Of course, it doesn't help that she's still fighting off the boss's son and ducking the intensely aggressive attentions of the roughest dyke in town. Now, after simultaneously blowing the case for the police and revealing herself to the killers, she is completely on her own. Can she catch the murderers before they catch up with her?

Romance For LIFE
edited by Lori L. Lake & Tara Young

Published February 14 2006 by Intaglio Publications.
"More, more, more!"
Best Lesbian Love Stories, 2004
edited by Angela Brown

Published 2004 by Alyson Books
"Hot, hot, hot!"
A Woman's Touch
edited by Valerie Reed

Published 2003 by Alyson Books
25 love stories. The proceeds will be donated to breast cancer research. Elizabeth contributed her short story: "I Am Calico Jones".

Click here for an Excerpt
This collection of love stories includes Elizabeth's short story, "Play Money".

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An anthology of love stories with "For Faye", a short story by Elizabeth.

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