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Dessert Suggestions for Book Groups
Holy Hell: Lillian Byrd Crime Story #1 Damn Straight: Lillian Byrd Crime Story #2 Lucky Stiff: Lillian Byrd Crime Story #3 Easy Street: Lillian Byrd Crime Story #4

From Holy Hell: Chocolate and Oranges (see page 191.)

           A bar of bittersweet chocolate lurked somewhere in my pantry; I found it and broke it into small pieces and put them on a plate with some fresh orange segments.
"A little dessert," I offered as I brought out the tray, "in keeping with the evening."...

From Damn Straight: CUPCAKES (see pages 28 to 30.)

           "If you want to act fast, you're going to need a system to separate the—well, the Bordeaux from the Mad Dog. I've developed CUPCAKE. It's very effective."...

           "You see a woman; something about her appeals to you. Maybe it's just looks, for the moment. Before approaching her, use this simple quiz. Does she look chipper? C for chipper: By that I mean does she look as if she likes to have fun? Is there a spark in her eyes, something there in her face besides just beautiful curves? Then, does she appear to be unattached? Any partner lurking around, on the way back with a cup of punch? U for unattached. P is for piercings."...

           "Does she look as if she just escaped the Spanish Inquisition? Call me a dinosaur, but having an up-close conversation with someone with eyebrow piercings makes my stomach feel funny."...

           "C and A are for cognitive abilities. This is beyond chipper. Is she just standing there waiting for something to happen, or is she engaged with what's going on? Could she sell you a set of encyclopedias? Does she look like the type who sends in her Publishers Clearing House entry?"...

           "Now, a very important letter, K. Can you picture yourself kissing her? Yes or no? If the answer is yes, and if you're still E for enchanted, then go for it."


From Lucky Stiff: Madeleines (see pages 21 and 23.)

           Sweetheart, do me a favor and look in the pantry." Duane pulsed the coffee beans in the grinder. "Do you see a package of madeleines? I'm assuming you've had dinner."
           "I'm not terribly hungry. What are madeleines? These cookies?"
           "Oh dear, oh dear. Yes. Those are madeleines."...

           He broke a madeleine in two and nibbled. I tried one and liked it. It went with the coffee: a light, soft sweetness against the coffee's bitter strength.

From Easy Street: Gingerbread (see page 42.)

           "I want to bake something for a friend," I told her. "I want to make a little gift. What would you suggest?"

           Her eyes lit up. "Why don't we make a pan of gingerbread, dear?"

           "You mean you'd give me your recipe?" Her gingerbread was out of this world...

           "Sure, but let's just make up a pan together right now!" She tottered off to her kitchen, I followed, and after about fifteen minutes of concentrated activity her dinged-up baking pan was in the oven, and about two minutes after that the smell in her kitchen was extraordinary.

Click here for Mrs. McVittie's Gingerbread Recipe.

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