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  • You've Got a Book in You

    "Elizabeth Sims proves herself a true writer's friend."

    —Jamie Morris, Director, Woodstream Writers
  • The Actress

    "Sims' wry commentary on life in Hollywood is dead-on."

    Publishers Weekly
  • The Extra

    "an intelligent thriller."

    —Jay Strafford Richmond Times-Dispatch
  • On Location

    "You just have to love Rita."

    Kirkus Reviews
  • You've Got a Book in You

    "Packs a twelve-week writing course into 280 pages."

    —Julie Compton, author of Keep No Secrets
  • The Actress

    "Intricate and surprising, this is a gripping read."

    —Kristine Huntley Booklist
  • The Extra

    "The two leads, Rita and George, are engaging and believable."

    —Hallie Ephron Boston Globe
  • On Location

    "Sims orchestrates the action—and occasional comic relief—for maximum impact."

    Publishers Weekly
  • You've Got a Book in You

    "The spark of inspiration to get started writing a book."

    —Hallie Ephron, award-winning author
  • The Actress

    "A page-turner from stem to stern!"

    Kirkus Reviews
  • The Extra

    "Goes down easy, like a perfect cup of coffee."

    Crimespree Magazine
  • On Location

    "A fast-paced, atmospheric mystery. Sims shines."

    —Melinda Bargreen The Seattle Times
  • You've Got a Book in You

    "The approach is always positive and well worth the price of admission"

    —Ellen Hart, award-winning author
  • The Actress

    "The fascination will keep you up late."

    —Jay Strafford Richmond Times-Dispatch
  • The Extra

    "An engaging thriller."

    —Harriet Klausner
  • On Location

    "As smart as it is compelling."

    —Michele Leber Booklist
  • You've Got a Book in You

    "It doesn't have the arrogant undertone found in other writing books."

    —The Book Depository
  • The Actress

    "Sims has a well-plotted and engaging winner here."

    —Melinda Bargreen The Seattle Times
  • The Extra

    "...and a lost beagle."

    Kirkus Reviews
  • On Location

    "Heart-pounding and page-turning."

    —Jay Strafford Richmond Times-Dispatch
  • You've Got a Book in You

    "In-depth, comprehensive and witty, but never complicated."

    —the office of LETTERS AND LIGHT
  • The Actress

    "Exhilarating! Elizabeth Sims provides a fascinating tale."

    —Harriet Klausner
  • The Extra

    "Brisk prose, facile storytelling, engaging characters."

    —Michele Leber Booklist
  • On Location

    "Rita's best role to date."

    —Lynne F. Maxwell Mystery Scene
  • You've Got a Book in You

    "I found great little gems of advice."

    —L.J. Sellers, bestselling mystery author
  • The Actress

    "Rita is a strong and believable voice."

    —Roberta Alexander The Mercury News
  • The Extra

    "A perfect blend of mystery, comedy and romance."

    —Rosa St.Claire Miami Books Examiner
  • On Location

    "A fabulous novel."

    —Harriet Klausner
  • You've Got a Book in You

    "Encouraging, practical and witty."

    —Gesa Kirsch, Ph.D., Professor of English, Bentley University
  • The Actress

    "A veteran mystery writer with a crackerjack tale."

    Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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Fresh from the brain of Elizabeth: Zestful Writing
Left Field won a Goldie at the herstoric GCLS Conference in New Orleans
Florida Heritage Book Festival and Writer’s Conference
September 24-26, 2015 St. Augustine, Florida
Elizabeth will lead a critique group on Thursday and present 'Fearless Writing' on Friday.
Elizabeth is a contributing editor at
Writer's Digest Magazine.
Pick up the September 2015 issue featuring Elizabeth's article
"What Real Revision Looks Like"
A complete list of Elizabeth's articles can be found on the
articles & stories page.
Watch Elizabeth in 'Conversations at the Bar'
from Cocktail Hour Productions
is reviewed by Sue Hardesty of the American Library Association GLBT Round Table
Lesbian Sleuths #2: Ten Mystery/Romance Series
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from Writer's Digest Books
Creating Characters
The Complete Guide to Populating Your Fiction

Elizabeth Sims, contributor
Creating Characters

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Lillian Byrd Is Back!

Left Field: Lillian Byrd Crime Novel #5
Now available on Kindle and in paperback.

Left Field: Lillian Byrd Crime Story #5 now on Kindle and in paperback!

Left Field

Lillian Byrd Crime Novel #5

by Elizabeth Sims
Published 2014 by Spruce Park Press

"By far the best detective of the bunch." —Just Out

Lillian Byrd has been searching her soul after the gut-wrenching experience of killing someone in self-defense. Scrabbling to make ends meet, she takes a job as a quasi detective, solving life’s little mysteries for a pair of eccentric women in one of Detroit’s last prestigious neighborhoods. When she spots a corpse on the next-door lawn, she jumps back into honest work as an investigative journalist.

Her friend Mercedes reveals that the dead woman, Abby Rawson, played on a women’s softball team she manages and pressures Lillian into taking her spot. Softball turns to hardball when Lillian not only plunges into a love affair with the team’s sought-after pitcher but also goes undercover as an exterminator, a squatter, and a charity worker to investigate Abby’s death and the corrupt medical organization she worked for. No one on the team is above suspicion, and as they get closer to snagging the coveted championship title—and Lillian gets closer to discovering the dark truth behind Abby’s murder—she fights to keep her new love in her life and literally save her own.

Filled with Lillian Byrd’s trademark snark, nail-biting twists and turns, and a thrilling climax, Left Field scores a grand slam that’ll leave readers cheering in the stands.


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Lillian's been in trouble before! Introducing new paperback editions:

Holy Hell by Elizabeth Sims now on Kindle and in paperback!
Holy Hell

Lillian Byrd is a small-time reporter with a flair for making big-time mistakes—like getting fired for fending off the boss's son with an X-Acto knife and breaking up with her girlfriend for no good reason—so her investigation into the disappearances of women around the Detroit area might not be the best idea... MORE

"Read it. You'll love it. You'll want more." —Liberty Press

"Except for all the swearing, it's a pretty good book." —Elizabeth's Mom

Damn Straight by Elizabeth Sims now on Kindle and in paperback!
Damn Straight

After her narrow brush with death in Holy Hell, you'd think Lillian Byrd would have learned to keep her head down, but when a friend in crisis calls from California, Lillian jumps on a plane and wings her way from Detroit to Palm Springs—and danger. It's the long weekend of the Dinah Shore golf tournament... MORE

Lambda Literary Award Winner

"A sassy, smart, ultimately thoughtful thriller." —Booklist

Lucky Stiff by Elizabeth Sims now on Kindle and in paperback!
Lucky Stiff

Once again Lillian Byrd is down on her luck, strumming her mandolin for spare quarters alongside Blind Lonnie, Detroit's resident blues guitarist. But a chance encounter with her childhood friend Duane is about to completely turn her life on its heels. When Lillian and Duane put their stories together, the past erupts into a wild enigma. MORE

"A flawless narrative... A nifty little puzzle solved by a most intriguing female detective." —Library Journal

Easy Street by Elizabeth Sims now on Kindle and in paperback!
Easy Street

Her old Caprice is convulsing through the last of its death throes, her pet rabbit and constant companion Todd ails, and as usual Lillian Byrd is flat broke. For a few extra bucks she agrees to help an old friend renovate her house, but as you know, nothing ever goes smoothly in the life of Lillian Byrd. MORE

"Lillian is a true original." —Kirkus Reviews

The Rita Farmer Mysteries NOW in paperback!

The Actress by Elizabeth Sims now in paperback!

Aspiring actress and single mom Rita Farmer has gone from struggling to find work to downright desperate. If she doesn’t land a paying job soon—horror movie, soap commercial, anything—she’s afraid her ex-husband will use her dire financial straits to take away Petey, her cherished four-year-old son. MORE

"Sims' wry commentary on life in Hollywood is dead-on." —Publishers Weekly

The Extra by Elizabeth Sims now in paperback!

Studying to be a lawyer, Rita takes dreggy acting jobs to pay the bills. Dressed in police uniform as an extra on a movie shoot, she wanders into a rough part of town only to be pulled into a vicious assault. MORE

"Sims, outdoes herself... an intelligent thriller... comes together seamlessly... sure to appeal to fans of complex plots and strong women." —Jay Strafford, Richmond Times-Dispatch - Book Bag

On Location by Elizabeth Sims now on Kindle!

Can actress Rita Farmer use her Hollywood skills to change her identity and set a trap for the bad guys in the woods?

The action moves from Los Angeles to Washington's Olympic Peninsula in the third Rita Farmer Mystery. When Rita's sister Gina goes missing Rita has no choice but to follow. Foul weather meets foul play as Rita and her stalwart friends risk their lives for the sake of truth—and love. MORE

"Like George, you just have to love Rita, who’s a great mom, a devoted sister and a helluva actress, even if Spielberg hasn’t cast her yet. Deftly plotted." —Kirkus Reviews

You've Got a Book in You is Elizabeth's wildly popular book on writing.

You've Got a Book in You by Elizabeth Sims

Writing a book is fun and easy--yes, FUN AND EASY--but it may not always feel that way. How do you find the time to write? How do you keep momentum? How do you deal with the horror of showing anyone a single sentence of your work-in-progress? The answers remain fun and easy, and author Elizabeth Sims will take your hand, dispel your worries, and show you how it's done in this stress-free guide to accomplishing your dream of writing your book. MORE

"If you're searching for the spark of inspiration to get started writing a book, and the nourishment to sustain you to THE END, Sims' book will show you how to find it in yourself." —Hallie Ephron, award-winning author.

VIDEO: Elizabeth Introduces You've Got a Book in You

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