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newschat June 2003

Dear valued correspondent,

If you consider yourself a very serious and dull person, please do not buy my new novel, "Damn Straight: A Lillian Byrd Crime Story", which is now in the stores. Do not come to any of my upcoming appearances. You'll have a terrible time.

Here's proof: Booklist says, "The assets of Sims' second Lillian Byrd mystery--intelligent, fetching sleuth; beguiling star athlete in distress; hot romance between those two at the notorious "Dinah"; an endearing friend in a laugh-out-loud predicament; and even a winsome bunny sidekick named Todd--add up to so many problems in putting it down. Allot a chunk of time for it; otherwise your evening read will keep you up 'til dawn. [Whitney Scott]"

If you're the kind of person, however, whose curiosity is aroused by this message, I suggest you storm into your local bookshop, or log in to your favorite online bookseller and demand "Damn Straight". Remember, most booksellers don't put a limit on the number of copies any one customer may buy. The holidays are coming up. Books are such nice gifts.

I'll be at A Different Light in San Francisco this Saturday, June 28 as part of their "Pink Saturday" author fest, along with a bunch of other hot writers. We're congregating from 12 to 5; my slot is 2:30 to 3 p.m.

And next month, on Saturday July 26, I'll be at Boadecia's Books in Kensington, Ca. at 7:30 with Karin Kallmaker. We'll sign books for whoever stays until we're finished reading from them.

I'm planning a trip to Michigan in November and will let you know where I'll be appearing.

And just hitting the stores now, I believe, is "A Woman's Touch", a collection of love stories featuring one by me, "For Faye".

If you get a chance to read any of my new stuff, I'd like to hear your opinion of it.

Thanks for not deleting this message before even opening it, and best wishes to you.


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