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newschat August 2010

Subject: New Book Is Off Launch Pad

Dearest Correspondent,

If you live in 90 percent of America and are at least 10 percent like me, you have been whining about the heat. Not that you're a whining-type person, but sometimes you get driven to it. In fact, I just counted up all the minutes--hours, to be honest--I've spent worrying about being too hot. Then I slapped my forehead and went, "If only I'd spent that time reading a great book! Think how much happier my life would be!"

You: Gosh, I feel the same way!

Me: I thought so. Now for the fantastic news: For you, it's not too late. In fact, your timing couldn't be more perfect. It's still hot, and my new novel, ON LOCATION: A RITA FARMER MYSTERY, has hit the shelves.

You: What's it about? More to the point, is it a GREAT book? I need a witty, intriguing book, not some lackluster, cliché-ridden piece of junk.

Me: I'll let BOOKLIST reviewer Michele Leber answer both questions:

"Sisterly love fuels Rita Farmer in her third outing (after The Actress, 2008, and The Extra, 2009). Even though she’s younger, Rita—a divorced single mom and sometime actress now studying law—has felt protective of her sister, Gina, since a traumatic childhood event. So when Gina and boyfriend Lance de Sauvenard take off for the wilds of the Pacific Northwest to scout locations for his brother Kenner’s independent movie, Rita worries; and when she doesn’t hear from Gina, she takes off on a search, along with her six-year-old son, Petey, and his best friend, Daniel. Meanwhile, PI George Rowe, hot-tempered Rita’s on-again-off-again lover, is hired by Seattle matriarch Bertrice de Sauvenard, who now runs the family lumber business, to check suspicions about her late husband’s right-hand man. As Rita and George connect and their concerns intersect, they find more to worry about in the wilderness than the elements. Sims’ plotting and dialogue are brisk and sharp, and the characters of Rita and George—both interestingly introspective—raise this well above the genre norm. Crime fiction as smart as it is compelling."

-- Michele Leber

And if that's not enough:

"You just have to love Rita, who's a great mom, a devoted sister, and a helluva actress, even if Spielberg hasn't cast her yet."


"Sims orchestrates the action--and occasional comic relief--for maximum impact, with characters you hope will survive to enjoy another day."


"Christ, this is terrific!"


And the best part is, most of the action happens where it's COLD and RAINY! So you can escape the heat without leaving your sweltering house! Plus you can read the first chapter for absolutely free at my web site, www.elizabethsims.com. You can order the book there, too. Or barge into your favorite bookstore and wipe out their supply. If they don't have any, you know what to do. (Just don't take any hostages this time, it makes us both look bad.)

You: OK! You gonna do some promo?

Me: Yes, my schedule is on my web site too. Upcoming:

  • Todd Ortloff show, KONP (Port Angeles, Washington) Tuesday, August 10 at 1:30.
  • Mystery Mingle (Sarasota, Fla.) Friday, August 13, 5-7 p.m.
  • Article by Elizabeth in Crimespree Magazine Sept / Oct issue.
  • Seattle Mystery Book Shop, Friday, October 22, noon.
  • Port Angeles Public Library, sponsored by Port Book and News, Friday, October 22, 7 p.m.
  • Bouchercon (Mystery novel fan festival), October 14-17, San Francisco

You: What else is going on?

Me: I'm continuing to write features on the art and craft of fiction for WRITER'S DIGEST magazine (check the current issue for my article "Ten-Minute Fixes for Ten Common Plot Problems." Am working on a few more projects, details to come next time. Meanwhile, Facebook friend me and 'Like' my author Facebook site (Elizabeth Sims Author) to keep up with the latest. I've been told that my posts provide fascinating glimpses into the heart and mind of an author, but really that's not something I'm qualified to comment on.

Author page:


Friend page:


You: I've heard that your house is on the market. What's with that?

Me: Yes, Marcia and I have put the place up for sale. Plans for further adventures are in the works. Interested in a beautiful custom home on the Olympic Peninsula with total privacy in 2.4 acres of woods plus a killer view of the Strait? Check it out:


With thanks and fondness,

Elizabeth Sims

The Rita Farmer Mysteries: "Crime fiction as smart as it is compelling." -- Booklist
The Lillian Byrd Crime Series: "By far the best detective of the bunch." -- Just Out
Contributing Editor, Writer's Digest Magazine

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