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newschat September 2005

Precious Correspondent,

The bracing autumn wind is once again at our backs, and as we bid adieu to summer we welcome the comforts of hot beverages, wool sweaters, firesides, and good books. You're on your own with the beverages, sweaters, and firesides, but I can help with the book part. My latest, 'Easy Street: A Lillian Byrd Crime Story', is in production now, and will be in stores in November. The tantalizing first chapter awaits you on my web site: http://www.elizabethsims.com/ESchapter1.shtml

A snippet from the advance review in Kirkus: "...The results are violent (more casualties loom) and hilarious... Lillian is a true original."

Want to hear my innermost thoughts about the book? Try this interview: http://www.elizabethsims.com/ESinterview.shtml. An excerpt:

"Whenever Lillian assumes a false identity, it's for the purpose of getting at the truth. She is good at figuring out other people's weaknesses and vanities, and she uses these to get what she wants from them. Basically, she's learned that most people love to be flattered, they love to be listened to, they love to think they've got a new friend or a new champion. Well, who doesn't? But the thing is, while most people are quite skeptical about any number of things, when it comes to their vanity and pet ideas, they are not at all skeptical. Not at all on their guard against treachery. Lillian exploits this fact, using the full powers of her creativity and sense of justice."
You're thinking, "Wow! How can I beat the crowds and get my own copy of 'Easy Street' as soon as possible?" Just click the pre-order button on my home page: http://www.elizabethsims.com/

When you visit my site you'll notice some other new things. I've begun posting weekly pep talks for writers, based on Pour It Out, the writing workshop I used to teach on-line. If you're a writer or want to be one, you might want to take a look: http://www.elizabethsims.com/writers.shtml. I'd like to hear what you think of it.

Ordinary authors post book group guides for their books, and that's fine for them, but at MY site you'll not only find spanking-new book group guides, but DESSERT SUGGESTIONS as well, to make your evening truly memorable: http://www.elizabethsims.com/groups.shtml . Remember, if your group chooses to discuss any of my books, let me know. I'll be glad to drop by via speaker-phone and answer questions.

The Lillian Byrd Boutique has been improved, with new items ('Damn Straight' golf shirt with Todd logo, 'Easy Street' tile coaster to complete your set of 4), and better pricing. If you wait until December to do your holiday shopping, you'll feel like a loser. Start now. http://www.cafepress.com/LillianByrd

Fans have been asking whether the possible TV deal I mentioned in my last message (in May) is going to happen or what. Do you know what the term 'hanging fire' means? In olden times of flintlock guns, sometimes when the trigger was pulled, only part of the gunpowder would burn. Eventually the rest of the powder might catch, and the bullet would be propelled from the barrel. But you had to wait until the powder either decided to burn through or not. The wait could be excruciating. This TV thing is hanging fire. Maybe yes, maybe no. These things take more time than I thought. I'll let you know.

I'm contributing a short story to a special anthology called 'Romance for Life', from Intaglio Publications, edited by Lori Lake and Tara Young. Proceeds will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Susan B. Komen Foundation. Other contributing authors include Ann Bannon, Karin Kallmaker, and Sarah Waters, so if you miss this collection you'll be so out of it and forlorn. 'Romance for Life' is scheduled to be released next Valentine's Day. Watch my site for an excerpt of my story, which fans of Calico Jones, Lillian's favorite sleuth, might find enjoyable.

Thank you for not deleting this message on sight. If you'd like to get off this list, just let me know. I promise not to let it affect our friendship.

Best wishes to you always,

Elizabeth Sims

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