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newschat October 2006

Precious correspondent,

I hope you're enjoying your autumn as much as I am mine. Even though we've had a lot of sunshine in the Pacific Northwest, I'm writing up a storm.

If you're a wordsmith yourself, check out the current Writer's Digest (dated December, go figure) for my feature article on beating writer's block, START ME UP! That magazine just bought another feature from me, a first-person narrative of a research trip I made to Los Angeles for my next novel. Don't yet know when they'll run it. Both pieces are marvelously witty and useful.

And now to answer the many questions I'm receiving on my current work. For the better part of a year I've been working on a new novel, a departure from my Lillian Byrd Crime Series. It's a mainstream thriller set in present-day Los Angeles, and is much more ambitious and complex than anything I've done before. I'm in the final chapters now, and will keep you posted.

The happiest of Halloweens to you. Carve yourself a pumpkin and send me a photo of it. My Web site needs spice.

As always, thanks for not deleting this message on sight.

Elizabeth Sims

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