webinar raves

written and presented by Elizabeth Sims

Participant Comments

  • Taking the webinar was a bit of faith for me, it was my first writing webinar, but it was well worth the money. Don't be at all surprised to see my name pop back up in a future webinar.

  • Wow, I didn't expect to get your feedback so quickly. Thank you! I really appreciate the detailed comments.

  • I can't thank you enough for giving the webinar last week. I enjoyed it very much and, more importantly I LEARNED things.
    Your comments on my work are very good and very welcome. I feel rejuvenated. Ready for my afternoon's writing session which I will start now.
    This is my fourth webinar. I've taken one by you before and enjoyed it just as much. Thank you for doing this. You must be helping lots of people.

  • I attended your Writer Digest webinar yesterday on "How to Write Dialogue like a Pro." I thought it was great and I took away some key elements. You did a great job in explaining the mechanics and gave some great examples of books that I now have on my reading list.

  • Thank you for the outstanding dialogue webinar today. I've read books on dialogue, but I feel like I learned more from you in 1-1/2 hours than I did from the books.

  • I'm so glad I took your webinar. And I am excited to dive back into my manuscript. Have a great day!

  • I attended the Writer's Digest webinar on dialogue that you did recently. This is just a quick message to say thanks. I can honestly say I learnt a ton in just that hour and a half. Dialogue's always been a weakness of mine but your advice has really opened my eyes on several aspects of it so I really can't thank you enough.
    I liked how a lot of the examples you used were just short scenes you wrote out yourself that weren't linked to any particular work of yours or another author. I liked it because sometimes these types of classes tend to use examples primarily from well established authors where it can be hard for a novice to grasp a lot of the subtlety that's at play, so it can come off as overwhelming. Your short, made-up pieces were a welcome change and made things much easier to grasp.
    You've definitely got me excited and motivated to get back to writing.

  • I was one of the attendees at this afternoon's webinar. It was very informative and I appreciate your teaching style. It was very practical and down to earth.

  • Thank you very much for your review and comments on my excerpt. Honestly, I feel honored to have input from a well known published author. I'm also very relieved that you didn't suggest that I find other work, e.g. carpentry, plumbing, etc. instead of pursuing writing :-).
    I certainly find your comments very helpful and, by the way, insightful.

  • I attended the subject webinar that closed only a few minutes ago and wish to thank you for your insights into the intricacies of dialogue, spoken and internal, in works of fiction. In part, I learned new techniques to enhance dialogue and, in part, was fortunate to have some of my dialogue usage affirmed.

  • Extremely helpful! Thank you, Elizabeth, for your great ah-ha suggestions and quick feedback.