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newschat May 2005

Dear Valued Correspondent,

Welcome to another edition of what's going on in my morbid, glamorous world. To the half dozen folks who signed up for my list about two years ago but whose names got lost in cyberneverland until this time around, surprise, you're on another list you've forgotten about.

OK, so my next book, 'Easy Street: A Lillian Byrd Crime Story' is scheduled to hit the stores in November, and I'm pleased to note that my name on this cover is bigger than ever. Will my publisher 'do an emboss' on this one, which costs extra and makes my name easier for blind people to read? That's a lingering mystery.

Wondering what you'll find when you crack the spine of 'Easy Street'? This: Lillian's old Caprice is convulsing through the last of its death throes, her pet rabbit and constant companion Todd ails, and as usual Lillian is flat broke. For a few extra bucks she agrees to help an old friend renovate her house, but as fans of 'Holy Hell', 'Damn Straight', and 'Lucky Stiff' have come to realize, nothing ever goes smoothly in the life of Lillian Byrd. By the end of the first day on the job there is a partially demolished wall, a mysterious stash of cash, and a dead body. And Lillian's attentions have been diverted by the appearance of a drop-dead gorgeous neighbor. If you don't find out what happens, you'll never forgive yourself. Trust me.

Seattle-area readers are warmly invited to meet me (and other, more famous, people) at Elliott Bay Book Co. on Saturday, June 4 at 7:30 p.m. where you'll see me being effortlessly witty and appealing as part of 'Queer Eye on the Future: Leading Writers Predict the Next Wave of Gay Popular Entertainment'. This irresistible link tells the basics: http://www.elizabethsims.com/press.shtml. The store has promised to have my books on hand, and I'll bring a pen, so you know what that means.

If you can't get enough of my work in traditional book form, wait and keep your fingers crossed: I'm in talks with a cable TV network which is interested in adapting my books to TV. More than that would be bad luck to say, I feel, except that when I met with an executive from the network last week, I heard loads of fabulous Hollywood gossip. Any of which would be bad luck to disclose at this time. So sorry.

A few notes on my last book, 'Lucky Stiff':

Snubbed by the Lambda Literary Awards this year (and I could tell you some gossip about THAT), it nevertheless made it to the finals of the Golden Crown Literary Society awards http://www.gclscon.com/AwardsFinalists.htm. And I'm vengefully glad to report that 'Lucky Stiff' was named one of the notable books of 2004 by the respected Publishing Triangle, while four of the five books that did make it to the Lambda finals in my category weren't mentioned AT ALL. http://www.publishingtriangle.org/lesbianbooks2004.asp

Huh, as Lillian might say.

A final note to my very local friends in Port Angeles: check out today's Peninsula Woman supplement in the Daily News. I like to think my picture on the front is easier to look at than last week's transvestites, but you'll have to judge for yourself.

Best to you as always, and thanks for not deleting this message on sight.

Elizabeth Sims

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