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newschat September 2004

Dear Valued Correspondent:

As fall approaches, you might find yourself thinking, as I do, "Why didn't I do all the Summer Reading I thought I would?" As if we're all going to be sitting by the fire in December reading Thomas Mann. Let's be honest.

I suggest you forget that pile of junk you were going to read, and square your shoulders for my new novel, Lucky Stiff: A Lillian Byrd Crime Story. It's now available from Amazon and other on-line retailers, and trucks are rushing it to distributors and bookstores nationwide. Please storm into your local bookstore and demand it.

It's hard to overcome my natural self-deprecating reluctance to include the following quote from Library Journal's review of Lucky Stiff, but here goes: "A flawless narrative... A nifty little puzzle solved by a most intriguing female detective."

But why take someone else's word for it? You can read the first chapter on my updated and improved Web site, www.elizabethsims.com, and if you like it you can click to booksellers from there. If you click to Amazon from my site, I receive a tiny portion of the sale of any book you buy, whether it's one of mine or not. This has some meaning to me, so if you're an Amazon customer, I thank you if you do any buying that way.

You might have recommended my books to others; if so, a big thank you for that, because word of mouth is the best way to turn on new readers. If you do read Lucky Stiff, I'd like to hear what you think of it.


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