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newschat December 2005

December greetings, Precious Correspondent.

This one's going to be short so we can all get back to worrying about the holidays.

EASY STREET: A LILLIAN BYRD CRIME STORY is in the stores now, just in the nick of time for last-minute shopping. As you well know, a book is a present you can open again and again. It's hard for me to overcome my natural humility to tell you this, but early reviews are glowing. My current favorite is from OutSmart magazine (Houson):

"Elizabeth Sims's latest, Easy Street, immediately captures and captivates the reader. As always, Sims's characters and their relationships ring true, taking the reader on a real-life emotional rollercoaster. Sims's protagonist, Lillian Byrd, faces the same struggles we all do: not enough money (and how to get more), how to behave ethically (and still get what we want), how to reconcile our heads and our hearts (the original psycho-bitch-from-hell girlfriend), and how to honor our commitments to our animal companions (she does). And like all of us, sometimes she is all too human. Great characters, superb storytelling and an interesting mystery. This one is not to be missed. — A.C. "

The free AND official EASY STREET book group guide can be found at:

My merchandising team is nagging me to mention that the Lillian Byrd Boutique now features a few new lifestyle items for serious fans:

If you're in the Seattle area, you'll want to set your alarm for Saturday, January 14. I'll be reading and signing books at noon that day at Seattle Mystery Bookshop, 117 Cherry Street (Pioneer Square zone). I'd love to meet you and give you some candy. I always bring candy to my events. The people at the store would be ecstatic if you would call ahead to reserve a copy, or ten, so they know how many boxcars full to have on hand.

And I'll be in the Boston/Cambridge, Massachussetts area in March to meet with classes at Bentley College. My good friend Gesa Kirsch, a professor there, has set this one up. My publicity team is talking with local booksellers to see about setting up an event; I'll include that info in my next message.

For booksellers who would like all the benefits of an event with me without having to actually do one, my promotions team is assembling the Virtual Booksigning Kit for EASY STREET. Click here for details: http://www.elizabethsims.com/booksellers.shtml

Let's see, what else? I now have literary representation, and my agent is eager to help make my ultimate dream come true: to shake hands on a seven-figure deal written out on a cocktail napkin at the Four Seasons Grill Room in Manhattan. I bet it's just a matter of days now.

I was recently told that readers like to learn intimate, unusual things about their favorite authors. But I'm thinking that's just the trouble. If you learn too many intimate facts about a favorite author, how long could that person possibly go on being your favorite? You'd get disgusted at all that intimate stuff. However, I am nothing if not cooperative. So here goes. Two intimate facts: a) I change our furnace filter three times a year, and b) I'm very fond of Jell-O chocolate pudding, but only the kind you cook on the stove.

I wish you health, happiness and sanity as we gallop toward 2006.

Elizabeth Sims

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