Holy Hell by Elizabeth Sims
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Holy Hell

Lillian Byrd Crime Series #1 by Elizabeth Sims

  • Midwest Book Review review by Lori L. Lake
    "A rollicking good mystery!"
  • Outcome Buffalo Buffalo, NY review by Kate Brown
    "The author has delivered a smorgasbord--humor, sex, gore, and a dyke I enjoyed meeting."
  • Woman's Monthly (WOMO) Washington DC review by Andrea L.T. Peterson
    "Byrd is a very likable amateur sleuth and Sims is a really entertaining storyteller."
  • BookDyke! review by Nicole Blizzard
    Holy Hell is the debut of a new wisecracking new sleuth by the name of Lillian Byrd, and after reading it, I am certainly looking forward to watching the evolution of this character in future books by author Elizabeth Sims."
  • Just Out Portland, OR review by Page Jordan
    "Sims' suspenseful plot moves fast and is full of surprising turns and quirky, engaging characters."
  • The Liberty Press review by Sheryl LeSage
    "I flat out loved this book..."
  • Sacred Ground: News and Reviews... review by Joy Parks
    "Holy Hell by Elizabeth Sims offers readers a rare combination of a good mystery plot with solid writing, whole characters and dialogue that doesnít sound like itís been wrenched out of a bad made-for-TV-movie. Thereís a wonderful irreverence to Sims' Lillian Byrd and a bizarre realism to the individuals she encounters."
  • RainbowNetwork.com review by Charlotte Cooper
    "A real page-turner."
  • Community News Salem, OR review by Marcy Coble
    "...A good read for mystery fans."
  • Lesbian News Torrance, CA review by Teresa DeCrescenzo
  • Gay & Lesbian Times San Diego, CA review by Richard Labonte
    "Wit, energy, and irony!"
  • Virginia Gayzette review by Ravigo Zomana
    "...It's actually not too bad a book."



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    The Lillian Byrd Crime Series

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