Left Field by Elizabeth Sims
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Left Field

Lillian Byrd Crime Novel #5 by Elizabeth Sims

  • Mensa Bulletin review by Caroline McCullagh
    "As with many good mysteries, you may think you know what's going on, but you'll be surprised over and over."
  • The Lesbian Review review by Tamara
    "A great cast of unforgettable characters, lovely moments and brilliant dialogue. Plus there is softball, which every self respecting lesbian loves."
  • Curve Magazine review by Cheri Fuller and Nikki Little
    "This one is filled with deception, shady dealings, conspiracies, and questionable characters. What more could a reader ask for?"
  • Goodreads review by Elaine Mulligan
    "I read my first Lillian Byrd Mystery in 2011 and gobbled up the next 3 titles in quick order, so I was thrilled that the author returned to Lillian...The author had me at the deprecating humor."
  • Amazon review by A Brown
    "The pacing in the book is exquisite . . . I found myself laughing out loud at the antics of Lillian and her pal Lou throughout the book. Brisk, smart writing; insightful social commentary regarding Detroit; lovable characters; and a highly original plot make for a paging-turning read."



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