Lucky Stiff by Elizabeth Sims
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Lucky Stiff

Lillian Byrd Crime Series #3 by Elizabeth Sims

  • Kirkus Reviews New York, NY
    "...Colorful episodes involving trailer parks and luxury cars..."
  • Library Journal review by Rex E. Klett
    "A nifty little puzzle solved by a most intriguing female detective."
    "Very well-written, interesting on several levels."
  • Vancouver Public Library Vancouver, BC, Canada
    "This is a nerve-tingling thriller, rich with characterization and humour..."
  • Woman's Monthly (WOMO) Washington DC review by Andrea L.T. Peterson
    "In short, this is a good one!"
  • Liberty Press review by Sheryl Lesage
    "Characters are biting and smart-assed and funny the way I like them."
  • Lavender Minnesota's GLBT Magazine
    "A solid and eerie read."
  • OUT in AMERICA review by Pam Harrison
    "Sims knows how to write a solid crime story with all the thrills."
  • RainbowNetwork.com review by Charlotte Cooper
    "Far and away above the competition."
  • FAMILY & friends review by Patricia Pair
  • Prairie Flame review in Pages from the Rainbow
    "Involving story, astute character development, and above all, an appealing heroine."
  • Books to Watch Out for - The Crime Scene by Nan Cinnater
    "Believable, smart novel!"



  1. You've Got a Book in You

    The Rita Farmer Mysteries

  1. On Location
  2. The Extra
  3. The Actress

    The Lillian Byrd Crime Series

  1. Left Field
  2. Easy Street
  3. Lucky Stiff
  4. Damn Straight
  5. Holy Hell